General information

Issigau castle’s - central location is ideal for day trips to Thuringia, Saxony, the Erzgebirge or the Czech Republic. Without a car you can easily reach destinations such as the only mine in the Frankenwald region open to visitors, the romantic Hollental with its “Konig David”, Wiede tower and “Hirschsprung”, the central hiking point where the three trails Rennsteig, Frankenweg and Frankischer Gebirgsweg meet as well as the historical village church with its cassette ceiling featuring 56 individual pictures. Further activities include trips to the Saalfelder Feengrotten, the Syruauer Drachenholen, Bad Steben with its casino and spa, the Lokland of Selbitz, the Border Museum in Modlareuth, the Farm Museum in Kleinlositz, the Teddy Bear Museum in Hof, the Firefighter Museum in Schauenstein, the Museum of Castle Burgk at the Saale dam, the German Steam Locomotive Museum and the Butterfly Paradise in Neuenmarkt. Trips to Richard Wagner’s Bayreuth, the medieval city of Bamberg, Kronach with its exhibition featuring works of Lucas Cranach in the Rosenberg keep and the beer city Kulmbach with the world’s largest collection of tin figurines are always worthwhile.

The trip section is divided into three subsections:

1. 0-10 km
2. 10-25 km
3. over 25 km

On the following pages we can only offer you a brief extract from the multiple destinations in Bavaria, Thuringia, Saxony and the Czech Republic that are worth a trip.

Further information is available on location, at the local tourist bureaus and under the “link” section of this home page.